Sci-Fi Design

One of my passions is Science Fiction and designing vehicles. Over the years I have designed so much I have collected my favourite here for you to enjoy.

Liam keating liam keating linear fusion

Space X Mars shuttle braking into a Mars parking orbit.
Powered by a Linear Fusion Gasdynamic Mirror Engine it's able to complete a 170 day round trip between Earth and Mars on a standard Brachistochrone trajectory.

Liam keating liam keating maersk 4

Maersk Line Orbital freighter in Neptune orbit. Powered by eight VASIMR plasma driven engines (variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket), the freighter moves bulk cargo from low orbit to high orbit where it’s transferred to larger ships.

Liam keating liam keating tt final

A mecha version of the classic childrens character Thomas the Tank

Liam keating shatterdome

Pacific RIm Fan Art

Liam keating tanker


Liam keating drone 2

Swedish Army Scout Mech

Liam keating explorer

Solar Explorer

Liam keating air support

Air Support

Liam keating f

F1 2087

Liam keating airship

HMS Belfast

Liam keating helicopter

Avatar: SA-2 Royal NavySearch & Rescue

Liam keating hovercraft

Swedish Coastguard Hovercraft

Liam keating drone

Post of Gothenburg automated cargo handler

Liam keating maersk

Maersk Line

Liam keating rocket

New Worlds

Liam keating ssd


Liam keating station 2


Liam keating station

Elite Dangerous Fan Art

Liam keating clay

Swedish Air Force Transport Ship

Liam keating space station

Space Station