Volvo CE

A Volvo Low Earth Orbit Extravehicular Construction Unit from the mid 2060's. With an increase in the privatisation of space travel and construction of the late 2020's many Earth corporations have risen to the new challenge. Volvo's dependable line of construction vehicles assist in the day to day fabrication and construction of near Earth orbital facilities.

It uses an array of reaction control thrusters for manoeuvring and a large chemical engine for changing orbit and moving heavy loads. The unit can be operate autonomously, be remotely controlled or manually operated. The unit is supplied by an accompanying drone (not pictured) that carries numerous tools and appendages that can be swapped out on the fly for the two precision control arms.

This was a bit of a Kitbash illustration taking some parts from my earlier models, re-building some parts in SketchUp based on kits from Nick Govacko's brilliant Z-Brush and some other bit's and bobs.

February 23, 2018